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    >THE IMPORTANCE OF SAFETY REGULATIONS & BUDGET CONSTRAINTS:Due to the following recent tragedies in the South African construction industry:(1)The collapse of the Tongaat Mall Development in Kwazulu-Natal Province in 2013. (2)The collapse of the extension of the house in Meyersdal, Alberton, Gauteng province in August 2014.(3)The Jacob Zuma Nkandla Saga whereby SACAP is investigating the Nkandla project as highlighted in the report of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) of its investigation into the Nkandla matter.
    GDP cannot emphasize anymore deeply that all the above circumstances could have been avoided if a competent and professionally registered person was appointed to oversee these projects. According to SACAPs record the Nkandla architect last updated his registration on the 2014/03/26 probably as the Nkandla saga went viral. It is important that before you undertake a building of any nature that you appoint a professionally registered person to oversee the project. The professional should be trained to project manage, insure building is built to safety regulations, to insure that the client is aware of the professionals that need to be appointed and to insure that the project is built to the budget constraints of the client. For instance, to check if an architect is registered and to check the category of their registration log onto: and insure that the person you have appointed is registered and recognized by the council of South Africa.
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    How does an Architect treat his private spaces in his own home? By using his own artwork to create meaningful spaces.

    Let artwork transform an ordinary space into a meaningful space. Architect Carl Adams uses his own works of art in his home to create a meaningful space from what otherwise would be considered an ordinary space. Transform your ordinary garage to something more.

    For that "impact" interior artwork can serve as a facilitator for that meaningful space.

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    The world is changing. There is a need for professionals to realize the responsibility they have on shaping the built environment. Advances in technologies like Tesla’s integrated roof solution as well as Tesla’s battery store system are examples of the technologies out there that need to be applied to not just new buildings but every building.

    In this light humans will be completely independent and “off the grid” from fossil fuel technologies. With these technologies it will enable sustainable transport as well as electric vehicles to be able to “plug into the building” and plug into sustainable energy resources. These electric charger or super charger points will be available at all designated parking areas of the building.

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